I'm guessing you clicked here first! 😉 And if you didn't that's ok too.

My pricing is upfront and simple...I charge a flat rate $65 per hour

That rate is reduced to $55 per hour if you are a:

  • full-time teacher 

  • military member/veteran

  • senior or disabled on a fixed income

  • expectant mama​



Simple as 1, 2, 3


Step 1

This is when you tell me about your paperwork problems and I listen.  After listening to your situation, I will be able to offer you some preliminary solution ideas for you to think about and provide you with an project estimate.


Step 2

This step is after you've accepted the estimate and paid your deposit. The plan is a roadmap for your responsibilities and mine depending on which service you've requested.


Step 3

This step is the day(s) needed to execute your final home office organization project and tackle your unruly paperwork piles. This is victory day! This is life-changing day! This is your Paperwork Perfect day!